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Clandestine Blaze > Fire Burns in Our Hearts
Clandestine Blaze - Fire Burns in Our Hearts
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Night of the Unholy Flames
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Fire Burns in Our Hearts

Clandestine Blaze

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3 reviews (avg. 42%)
1. Intro 01:36  
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2. Clandestine Blaze 05:09   Show lyrics
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3. Anti-Christian Warfare 07:23   Show lyrics
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4. Native Resistance 05:12   Show lyrics
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5. Children of God 07:45   Show lyrics
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6. Killing the Waste of Flesh 03:03   Show lyrics
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7. Icons of Torture 04:31   Show lyrics
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8. Outro 02:53  
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Mikko Aspa All instruments, Vocals
Read Fire Burns In Our Hearts 50% Noctir September 25th, 2009
Read Clandestine Blaze. 65% Perplexed_Sjel February 20th, 2008
Read Black Metal for Dummies 11% oVerCaffeinated September 30th, 2006

1st CD version with coloured cover released by
LP version released by Northern Heritage Records and limited to 200 copies.
2nd CD version with b/w cover released by Northern Heritage in 2005.
Also released on tape by Northern Heritage, limited to some hundred copies.

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