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Chaos Moon

Release date:
April 15th, 2010
Catalog ID:
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1. De Mortalitate And Waning 05:17  
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2. Aether Aurora 02:29  
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3. Illusions of Dusk and Dawn 04:09  
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4. The Palterer 05:07  
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5. Tenebrific 03:10  
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6. Outro, Endless Asphyxia 02:49  
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7. Aer 12:20  
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8. Boiling Mass 04:53  
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9. Contorted Helix 03:29  
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10. Mask of Flies 03:20  
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11. And So Are the Words That Never Made It (Original Mix) 15:26   Show lyrics
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12. The Essence of Pale 08:34  
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This is not a representation of where Chaos Moon is going, but where it has been thus far. Most of the songs, aside from the rehearsal, were never fully completed or developed on, but could perhaps provide some insight on the various sounds I have tried to capture for the past six years.

Tracks 1-6 were recorded at our rehearsal space at that given time, with the full live line up present. Some of these songs are played differently than what is recorded on the album, but this was done on purpose.

Track 7 was originally a Ringar song, but like a few tracks on \"Languor..\", it was used for Chaos Moon. Unfortunately, this track has sat on the back burner for quite some time, however, it may be used in the future. The intro to the song was written and recorded by Mark Hunter.

Tracks 8-10 came to be around the time Origin of Apparition was being recorded and have that extremely harsh production that \"Origin..\" had. These songs were eventually scrapped and have never been used.

Track 11 is the original version of the title track from the first EP.

Track 12 was recorded the same time as the first EP for the original full length that was never released. It was flipped from being a Chaos Moon song, to Ringar, back to Chaos Moon before being put on the shelf.

I do not intend to release this on any sort of physical media; I don\'t totally agree with releasing what are \"left overs\", but I do hope some of you get some sort of enjoyment from this net release.


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