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Chalice - Chronicles of Dysphoria
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Chronicles of Dysphoria

Chronicles of Dysphoria


Release date:
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1. Solvieg's Song 02:51  
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2. Solitary Waves 06:13   Show lyrics
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3. Requiescat 05:09  
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4. The Amber Twilight 09:05   Show lyrics
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5. As Powder Turns to Dust 08:02   Show lyrics
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6. Ashen 02:18   Show lyrics
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7. Interlunar Dreams 06:17   Show lyrics
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8. Memorial Embers 09:08   Show lyrics
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Shiralee Morgan Vocals (female), Keyboards
Sean Graetz Guitars
Adrian Bickle Drums
Darren McLennan Guitars
Russel Violin
Mark Bodossian Bass, Vocals
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This CD was re-recorded and re-released in 2000, after Chalice had signed a deal with Modern Invasion Music. The re-release has different artwork, as well as different track-listing:

1. Solitary Waves
2. Requiescat
3. The Amber Twilight
4. As Powder Turns to Dust
5. Solvieg's Song
6. Interlunar Dreams
7. Memorial Embers
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