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French / Southern Black Metal War

Celestia / Evil

Release date:
August 1999
Catalog ID:
South 19
Southern Productions
None yet
Side A
1. Celestia - Intro / Khaos and Pain 01:57  
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2. Celestia - Infected by Rats 02:33  
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3. Celestia - Spectra 04:07  
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Side B
4. Evil - Aryanhord Holocaust 01:42   instrumental
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5. Evil - Blood and War! 03:29  
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6. Evil - Marchando Para o Holocausto 02:13   instrumental
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7. Evil - A Southern War from the Winter's March 04:34  
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Noktu Bass, Vocals
Fureiss Guitars, Programming
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"Marchando Para o Holocausto" is apparently a version of the famous song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" by the 97th regimental string band.

The French black metal band Vlad Tepes also recorded a version for this song as "Wladimir's March".

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