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A Cave Full of Bats


Release date:
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Limited edition
Klozed Circle Produktionz
333 copies
None yet
Side A
1. A Dying Out Ecstasy 05:31   Show lyrics
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2. A Silent Night in a Silent Castle 03:32   Show lyrics
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3. The Forest Was a Never Ending Place 03:01   Show lyrics
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4. Prisoner of a Morbid Cradle 07:06   Show lyrics
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5. Mort d'une vestale 02:59   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Introduction  
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7. Infected by Rats (Live)  
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8. Demonic Screaming Entity (Live) 02:40  
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9. Darkness Enfold the Sky (Live) 03:42  
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10. A Dying Out Ecstasy (Live) 04:34   Show lyrics
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11. Perverted Decadent, Dying, Love (Live) 06:44   Show lyrics
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12. Spectra (Live) 03:13  
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13. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum cover) (Live) 05:28   Show lyrics
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14. Immortal Floating Shadow (Live) 01:32  
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15. The Forest Was a Never Ending Place (Live) 03:17   Show lyrics
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Side A (tracks 1 to 5) is the re-release of the band's "A Cave Full Of Bats" EP including the bonus track "Mort d'une Vestale".
Side B (tracks 6 to 15) contains a live performance recorded in Belgium in April 2000. Lineup is Noktu(v) Fureiss(g) TND(b) Astrelya(d)

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