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Carnarium > Viaje de Ecos Infinitos
Carnarium - Viaje de Ecos Infinitos
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Viaje de Ecos Infinitos


Release date:
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Hurling Metal Records
None yet
1. Adagio del Cruel Destino 05:16   Show lyrics
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2. Asfixiante Soledad 04:15   Show lyrics
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3. Methaad 05:19   Show lyrics
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4. Thor (Manowar cover) 04:35   Show lyrics
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5. Alexander the Great (Iron Maiden cover) 08:27   Show lyrics
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6. Fade to Black (Metallica cover) 06:19   Show lyrics
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7. El Cristal 03:59   Show lyrics
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8. El Jóven y el Diablo 05:00   Show lyrics
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9. La Ardiente Pasion del Deseo 02:51  
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10. El Vuelo de las Fantasias 07:09  
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11. El Abismo 05:48  
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12. Al Sueño Puro 04:23  
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13. Envuelta en el Silencio 03:03  
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14. Resignación 02:52  
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15. Entre Penumbras 04:00  
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16. Confortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover) 06:12   Show lyrics
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Released On Digipack, Including a Postal Card

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