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The Day Man Lost


Release date:
January 1989
3 reviews (avg. 76%)
1. Crime Against Humanity 01:51  
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2. Aftermath 01:23  
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3. The Day Man Lost 01:22   Show lyrics
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Read To The Roots Of REAL... 79% CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8 February 18th, 2008
Read The Carnage Demos Part 1 of 2 68% ThrashingMad November 22nd, 2007
Read The day grindcore was the... 82% Drowned December 26th, 2005
- Regular xerox covers
- Recorded onto black studio tapes

''Crime Against Humanity'' & ''The Day Man Lost'' were re-recorded together as one song retitled ''Gentle Exhuming'' for Dark Recollections

Johnny Dordevic was credited for the bass tracks, but like on the full length never recorded them. On this demo Johan was the bassist.
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