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Midday Moon


Release date:
July 21st, 2005
Catalog ID:
Underground Symphony
2 reviews (avg. 82%)
1. Royal Stranger 03:49   Show lyrics
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2. Falconeye 04:16   Show lyrics
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3. In Anger 05:00   Show lyrics
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4. Midday Moon 04:00   Show lyrics
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5. Light 'n' Smoke 04:03   Show lyrics
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6. Raining (Part 1) 02:10   instrumental
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7. Already Known 03:16   Show lyrics
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8. Lost in the Thunder 03:45   Show lyrics
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9. The Hackneyed Dream 03:28   Show lyrics
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10. Etyde Light 03:39   Show lyrics
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11. Chance to Change 06:42   Show lyrics
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12. To Be 03:35   Show lyrics
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13. Raining (Part 2) 00:54   instrumental
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Band members
Lauri Hänninen Drums
Antti Hänninen Guitars
Valtteri Virolainen Keyboards
Vesa Ahola Bass
Janne Saksa Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Mika Jussila Mastering
Janne Saksa Vocals
Mika Jussila Mastering
Read ONCE IN A BLUE MOON 92% elmet October 24th, 2009
Read Solid Effort 71% TmacKG77 November 21st, 2008

The album was initially released only in Japan but was later released in Europe.

Japanese version released by Avalon (MICP-10525) includes 2 booklets (coloured & b/w with lyrics in english and japanese) and contains 1 bonus track:
14. Brontophobia (3:31)

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