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Сны северного моря

Butterfly Temple

Release date:
September 2002
Catalog ID:
IROND CD 02-219
Irond Records
1 review (avg. 93%)
1. В туман... 02:22   Show lyrics
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2. Кровь выйдет из рек 05:58   Show lyrics
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3. Русалки 00:55   Show lyrics
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4. Солнцестояние 04:38   Show lyrics
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5. Купало и Кострома 03:18   Show lyrics
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6. Сны северного моря 05:08   Show lyrics
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7. Берегиня 01:14   Show lyrics
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8. По морю 04:28   Show lyrics
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9. Стрибога внуки 00:19   Show lyrics
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10. Vikingtid 03:30   Show lyrics
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11. Волки Одина (acoustic version) 04:36   Show lyrics
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12. Былина о граде Вавилоне и Змее Тугарине 01:40   Show lyrics
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13. Путь из варяг в греки 02:41   instrumental
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14. Прощай / Из тумана... 03:31   Show lyrics
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15. Последняя битва богов 02:40   Show lyrics
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Band members
Alexey "Lesiar" Agafonov Vocals
Sergei "Aven" Avanesov Keyboards
Mikhail Guitars (rhythm)
Valeriy Ostrikov Guitars (lead)
Alexander Nikulin Bass
Alexey Sporyshev Drums
Lyudmila Vocals (lead)
Sergey "Abrey" Abramov Vocals (lead)
Anton Zhdankin Guitar (lead, acoustic)
Lyudmila Vocals (lead)
Sergey "Abrey" Abramov Vocals (lead)
Anton Zhdankin Guitar (lead, acoustic)
Read ELITE VIKING METAL 93% WIndrider September 30th, 2003

Track 15 is a bonus track.
+ multimedia bonus track:
Мы Два Крыла (We Are Two Wings) (AVI)
+ Lesyar's book of poems (PDF)

Enhanced video recorded & mixed at Mymrec Studios, Moscow by Ian Survillo, April 2001 - February 2002. Engineered by Ian. Mixed & mastered at TON Studios by Alexander Shurygin. All music by Butterfly Temple except 'Vikingtid' by Grieg. All lyrics by Lesyar except 'Rusalki', 'Across The Sea', 'Tale Of The City Of Babylon And Tugarinin The Snake' and 'Farewell' traditional. 'Kupalo And Kostroma' traditional, arranged by Alexander Asov. 'The Last Battle Of Gods' originally recorded for 'Book Of Veles' demo (1998). Fragments from 'The 13th Warrior' the movie were used in this recording. Design and illustrations by Ivan Nesterov. Layout by Dmitriy. Video produced by Alexey 'Miron' Mironov (Music Infection TV).

English translations of track titles: (given on the back cover)
Dreams of Northern Sea
1. Into the Fog...
2. The Blood Will Flow Out of Rivers
3. Rusalki
4. Solstice
5. Kupalo and Kostroma
6. Dreams of Northern Sea
7. Bereginya
8. Along the Sea
9. Grandsons of Stribog
11. Wolves of Odhinn
12. Tale of Babylon City and Tugarinn the Snake
13. The Way from Varyags to Greeks
14. Farewell / Out of the Fog...
15. Last Battle of Gods

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