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Release date:
March 1992
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
First edition on CD without Voice Of Wonder address on back cover
Deathlike Silence
500 copies
14 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown 07:28   Show lyrics
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2. Ea, Lord of the Depths 04:52   Show lyrics
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3. Black Spell of Destruction 05:39   Show lyrics
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4. Channelling the Power of Souls into a New God 03:27   Show lyrics
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5. War 02:30   Show lyrics
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6. The Crying Orc 00:58   instrumental
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7. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 09:11   Show lyrics
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8. My Journey to the Stars 08:10   Show lyrics
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9. Dungeons of Darkness 04:52   instrumental
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Band members
Count Grishnackh All instruments, Vocals
Euronymous (R.I.P. 1993) Guitars (lead) (on "War"), Gong (on "Dungeons of Darkness")
Miscellaneous staff
Pytten Producer, Engineer, Mastering
Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Cover art
Euronymous (R.I.P. 1993) Producer
Count Grishnackh Producer
Count Grishnackh All instruments, Vocals
Euronymous (R.I.P. 1993) Guitars (lead) (on "War"), Gong (on "Dungeons of Darkness")
Pytten Producer, Engineer, Mastering
Jannicke Wiese-Hansen Cover art
Euronymous (R.I.P. 1993) Producer
Count Grishnackh Producer
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The first four songs are "Side Hate" and the last five are "Side Winter".

When this album was released, Euronymous (owner of Deathlike Silence Records) changed the name of "Ea, Lord of The Depths" to "Ea, Lord of The Deeps" and "Spell of Destruction" to "Black Spell of Destruction". Both were later changed to the intended titles on the later Misanthropy Records version.

DSP LP long out of print.

Euronymous plays a solo on the song "War" and plays the gong on "Dungeons of Darkness".

There are two editions of the DSP CD. The first one has NO Voices of Wonder address on the back (they had yet to distribute DSP at that point), just Vikernes' address, and the matrix code on the disc is ANTI MOSH 002. This one is limited to either 300 or 500 copies (sources vary), released in 1992. The second version has no adress to Vikernes, but instead the Voices of Wonder address is printed on the back, and the matrix code is DURECO [01] ANTI MOSH 002. This version is from early 1993. Both version inserts DO NOT contain lyrics, just pictures of Varg and recording information. There are some minor graphic differences between versions (brightness and quality of the pressing). Compact Disc of each version has another gothic font.

However, there are also two versions of vinyl pressing. Early pressings feature only Varg's and DSP address, while later pressings contain DSP address and Voices of Wonder line at the bottom of the back cover. Precise number of copies for the earlier pressing is unknown, but rumored to 300.

Released on tape by Full Moon Productions. Limited to 1000 copies.

Digipak edition released by Misanthropy Records in 1995 contains the "Aske" EP, lyrics in both English and German, and a small sticker on the front with the cover of the "Aske" EP that says "Includes bonus "Aske" EP, Amazon003." Also, a different font is used for the band name.

Re-released on CD by Somber Music (SM 019). Licensed from Misanthropy Records. Unknown Year.

The cover image was inspired by an AD&D module, called "The Temple of Elemental Evil". It was supposed to portray the lost and searching spirit found in "Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown". Varg says that it was in a sense also autobiographical, as he saw himself in that figure. Alone in a desolate, dark and dying world. A ghost from the past seeing the true face of the world in which we live.

Recording information:

Recorded midwinter 1992, during a full moon at Grieghallen Studio (Bergen, Norway).


Matrix code: DURECO [01] ANTIMOSH 002 (1st edition 1992)
Matrix code: DURECO [01] ANTIMOSH 002 (2nd edition 1993)

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