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Ghost Music


Release date:
September 9th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Eternal Obscurity Records
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1. Pain 03:12  
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2. Suffering 04:16  
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3. Day of Gloom 03:48  
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4. Mystery of the Ghost 01:39  
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5. Longing 03:27  
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6. Leaves 02:57  
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7. Hollow 02:49  
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8. Unseen 01:39  
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9. Night of Despair 02:39  
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10. Torment 05:06  
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11. Stillness of Purgatory 04:36  
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12. Womb 03:47  
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Kib Sreng Guitar, bass, vocals, drums, piano
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On the cover is Kib's great grandfather, with his younger brother who died soon after in a farm equipment accident.

Written and recorded August - November 2008.

Contact eternalobscurityrecords at hotmail dot com (no website) with your order
and mailing address, and preferred payment method, Paypal or Canadian dollars.

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