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Tattooed Millionaire

Bruce Dickinson

Release date:
May 1990
Catalog ID:
CDEMC 3574
6 reviews (avg. 70%)
1. Son of a Gun 05:54   Show lyrics
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2. Tattooed Millionaire 04:27   Show lyrics
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3. Born in '58 03:39   Show lyrics
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4. Hell on Wheels 03:39   Show lyrics
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5. Gypsy Road 04:02   Show lyrics
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6. Dive! Dive! Dive! 04:40   Show lyrics
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7. All the Young Dudes (Mott the Hoople cover) 03:48   Show lyrics
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8. Lickin' the Gun 03:16   Show lyrics
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9. Zulu Lulu 03:27   Show lyrics
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10. No Lies 06:22   Show lyrics
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Band members
Bruce Dickinson Vocals
Janick Gers Guitars
Andy Carr Bass
Fabio Del Rio Drums
Don Airey Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Chris Tsangarides Producer, Engineering
Nigel Green Mixing
Chris Marshall Engineering
Don Airey Keyboards
Chris Tsangarides Producer, Engineering
Nigel Green Mixing
Chris Marshall Engineering
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Reissued by (#invalid label link ID#) in 2005 remastered with a bonus CD:
1. Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter (Original Soundtrack Version) (05:00)
2. Ballad of Mutt (03:34)
3. Winds of Change (03:22)
4. Darkness Be My Friend (02:03)
5. Sin City (AC/DC cover) (04:39)
6. Dive! Dive! Dive! (Live) (04:43)
7. Riding with the Angels (Live) (04:19)
8. Sin City (Live) (AC/DC cover) (04:49)
9. Black Night (Live) (Deep Purple cover) (04:33)
10. Son of a Gun (Live) (05:53)
11. Tattooed Millionaire (Live) (04:35)

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