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Brainicide > Brutal Mentality
Brainicide - Brutal Mentality
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Brutal Mentality


Release date:
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Tension Tapes Inc.
2 reviews (avg. 83%)
Side A
1. 2 Min. Hate... Room 101 10:04  
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2. Alone 06:28  
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Side B
3. Beyond Therapy... Brainicide 05:09  
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4. Eye of the Beast... Into the Witches Mirror 08:04  
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Read Brutal Obscurity 88% Zod December 29th, 2014
Read A lost thrash gem.. 78% ZodiacDigital October 19th, 2009

Most of the song titles on the demo are printed in groups of two, in between these groups is the only times the music stops. While specific split points between the tracks can be inferred (such as in the case of the just-under-3-minute instrumental opener) the exact times have yet to be confirmed by any official source. On some internet-distributed copies the end of "Alone" (Side A) was cut and labelled as "Beyond Therapy" (actually the beginning of Side B). The actual group labelled "Beyond Therapy... Brainicide" is just over 5 minutes and includes common riffs and themes throughout its length.

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