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The Parasites

Brain Drill

Release date:
July 31st, 2006
2 reviews (avg. 94%)
1. Consumed by the Dead 03:24   Show lyrics
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2. The Parasites 03:24   Show lyrics
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3. Swine Slaughter 03:11   Show lyrics
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4. Forcefed Human Shit 01:32   Show lyrics
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5. The Depths of Darkness 03:55   Show lyrics
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6. Revelation 03:43   Show lyrics
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Band members
Steve Rathjen Vocals
Dylan Ruskin Guitars
Marco Pitruzzella Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Brandon Fitzgerald Mastering
Brandon Fitzgerald Mastering
Read Awesome slab of death metal! 95% MorbidAtheist666 February 28th, 2012
Read Only a debut? I wouldn't... 93% DreamScapeArson November 28th, 2006
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