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The Remasters

Blind Guardian

Release date:
August 15th, 2007
Virgin Records
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1. Majesty  
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2. Dead of the Night (Demo)  
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3. Banish from Sanctuary  
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4. Trial by the Archon (Demo)  
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5. Traveler in Time  
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6. Tommyknockers (Demo)  
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7. Journey Through the Dark  
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8. Time What Is Time (Demo)  
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9. Welcome to Dying (Live)  
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10. Lord of the Rings (Live)  
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11. Imaginations from the Other Side  
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12. A Past and Future Secret (Demo)  
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13. Mr. Sandman (The Chordettes Cover)  
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14. Don't Talk to Strangers (Dio Cover)  
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15. Nightfall  
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16. Harvest of Sorrow  
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Includes one track and one bonus track from each album remastered in 2007.

Tracks 1-2 taken from "Battalions of Fear"
Tracks 3-4 taken from "Follow the Blind"
Tracks 5-6 taken from "Tales from the Twilight World"
Tracks 7-8 taken from "Somewhere Fat Beyond"
Tracks 9-10 taken from "Tokyo Tales", recorded Live 6.12.1992 in Tokyo, Japan
Tracks 11-12 taken from "Imaginations from the Other Side"
Tracks 13-14 taken from "The Forgotten Tales"
Tracks 15-16 taken from "Nightfall in Middle-Earth"
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