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Blind Guardian > Demo IV
Blind Guardian - Demo IV
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Somewhere Far Beyond

Demo IV

Blind Guardian

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1. Time What Is Time 05:09   Show lyrics
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2. Theatre of Pain 04:09   Show lyrics
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3. Ashes to Ashes 05:51   Show lyrics
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4. Trial by Fire (Satan cover) 03:45   Show lyrics
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5. Spread Your Wings (Queen cover) 04:13   Show lyrics
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André Olbrich Guitars (lead)
Hansi Kürsch Vocals, Bass
Marcus Siepen Guitars (rhythm)
Thomen "The Omen" Stauch Drums
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Not to be confused with the pre-production demo, this features five "Somewhere Far Beyond" songs in early form - for the most part, the same as the album versions, but a few slight differences here and there.

a.k.a. "Demo 1991" (even though it's entirely possible it was recorded early in 1992).

All tracks were included on the 2007 re-mastered edition of the "Somewhere Far Beyond" album.

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