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The Shadowelf's Poem

Black Sunrise

Release date:
September 11th, 1997
Catalog ID:
CD 008
Version desc.:
Nocturnal Music
None yet
1. Bad Moon Ballad Part. I 02:24  
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2. Bad Moon Ballad Part. II 03:44  
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3. The Eternal Torment 04:14  
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4. Aelf's Lai 05:46  
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5. Where the Fire Fights the Storm Part. I 00:56  
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6. Where the Fire Fights the Storm Part. II 04:17  
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7. A Tale from the Dark Woods 06:07  
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8. The Solitary Reaper 01:41  
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9. My Sylvania 05:25  
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10. Fall into Melancholy (Outro) 05:53  
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Valerio Basile Bass
Walter Basile Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Valerio V. Guitars
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The CD has a hidden death-black metal experimental track called "Death Door Flower" at the end of the outro (at 3min. 22sec.), accessible by forwarding the CD.

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