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Born Again

Black Sabbath

Release date:
August 7th, 1983
Catalog ID:
814 271-1
Warner Bros. Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
21 reviews (avg. 80%)
Side A
1. Trashed 04:16   Show lyrics
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2. Stonehenge 01:58   instrumental
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3. Disturbing the Priest 05:49   Show lyrics
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4. The Dark 00:45   instrumental
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5. Zero the Hero 07:35   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Digital Bitch 03:39   Show lyrics
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7. Born Again 06:34   Show lyrics
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8. Hot Line 04:52   Show lyrics
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9. Keep It Warm 05:36   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ian Gillan Vocals
Tony Iommi Guitars, Flute
Bill Ward Drums, Percussion
Geezer Butler Bass
Geoff Nicholls Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Robin Black Producer, Engineering
Steve Chase Engineering
Ross Halfin Photography
Steve Joule Artwork
Ian Gillan Vocals
Tony Iommi Guitars, Flute
Bill Ward Drums, Percussion
Geezer Butler Bass
Geoff Nicholls Keyboards
Robin Black Producer, Engineering
Steve Chase Engineering
Ross Halfin Photography
Steve Joule Artwork
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All tracks by Gillan, Iommi, Butler, Ward.

Bill Ward left after the recording of this album to be replaced by Electric Light Orchestra's Bev Bevan.

According to legend, the infamous cover art for this album was done by an artist who was working for both Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne, and the story goes that he made an intentionally poor job of it in the hope that Sabbath would reject it so that he could sever ties with them. As it turned out, Tony Iommi loved it (although Ian Gillan thought it was appalling).

It is a common misconception that the "Stonehenge" scene in This Is Spinal Tap was inspired by Black Sabbath's stage set for this album's tour. Black Sabbath used a huge Stonehenge set that often didn't fit the venues they played in, whereas Spinal Tap's Stonehenge prop was too small, and "in danger of being crushed by a dwarf." In actuality the concept for this scene was developed in 1982, well before the Sabbath tour in question.

No CD version of this album was ever released in the United States (although some imports can be found in some stores in that country).

Reissued on "Deluxe Expanded Edition" 2CD by Sanctuary in 2011, with a bonus disc:
1. The Fallen [Previously unreleased album session outtake] (04:27)
2. Stonehenge [Extended version] (04:43)
3. Hot Line (04:54)
4. War Pigs (07:25)
5. Black Sabbath (07:10)
6. The Dark (01:05)
7. Zero the Hero (06:54)
8. Digital Bitch (03:33)
9. Iron Man (07:40)
10. Smoke on the Water (04:56)
11. Paranoid (04:17)
Tracks 3-11 recorded live at the Reading Festival, Saturday August 27th 1983, for a BBC Friday Rock Show broadcast.

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