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Beyond Life > Myself...
Beyond Life - Myself...
Beyond Life discography (misc)
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Thoughts of Despair
Beyond Life discography (all)
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Thoughts of Despair


Beyond Life

Release date:
January 9th, 2011
Catalog ID:
cut 192
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Depressive Illusions Records
100 copies
None yet
1. Birth  
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2. Soul of Dying Man...  
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3. River of Blood  
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4. II  
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5. December Shadows  
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6. Coldness  
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7. Death... Will Bring the Silence  
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Track 1 is taken from "Three Steps of Human Life" demo.
Tracks 2-4 are taken from the split with Nostalgia "We All Fall".
Track 5 is taken from split with Freitodt "Thoughts of Despair".
Track 6 is unreleased track.
Track 7 is collaboration track of Moloch and Beyond Life taken from "Human Desperation" split 2010.

Recording information:

All tracks were recorded in 2010 by G.H.
Track 7 recorded by G.H. and Pr.Sergiy in 2010.

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