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Black Funeral (A Satanic Statement of Hate)


Release date:
December 15th, 2005
Catalog ID:
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1. Mocking the Symmetric Deceit (Intro) 00:42  
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2. Evil (Mercyful Fate cover) 03:50   Show lyrics
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3. Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate cover)/ Desecration (version 1998) 02:38  
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4. Dressed in White (King Diamond cover) 03:16   Show lyrics
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5. Sons of Satan (Satanic Trollstorm Remake 2000) 04:31  
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6. Fate's Prophets (1998 version) 05:24   Show lyrics
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7. Dragonflight (Live August 1999) 06:12   Show lyrics
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8. Evil/Black Funeral: Mercyful Fate Medley (LIve August 1999) 06:12  
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9. Wotan's Curse (Live December 1999) 06:03   Show lyrics
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10. Warfare (Live December 1999) 02:56   Show lyrics
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11. Semitarius (Live December 1999) 05:25   Show lyrics
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12. Midwinter Gathering (Live December 1999) 04:24  
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13. Candless of Doom (Live May 2000) 05:58   Show lyrics
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14. Black Funeral (Live May 2000) 06:07  
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15. Poetry of My Forest (Rehearsal November 1996) 07:30   Show lyrics
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16. The Prophecy (Rehearsal November 1996) 06:13   Show lyrics
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Doomicus Stardust's homage to King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.

Unreleased stuff between 1996-2000 including live tracks, Mercyful Fate and King Diamond covers, remakes, unreleased mixes and a pre-"Dragonflight" recording sessions rehearsal.

Vocals : Doomicus Stardust
Guitars : Arahn Evil, Blinder, Mayhem, Erik
Bas : Aegir, Aldaron, Old Nick
Drums : Warhammer, Snow, Nicholas
Keyboards : Astralis Domina

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