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Eve of the Bestial Massacre

Bestial Mockery / Unholy Massacre

Release date:
May 2005
Catalog ID:
Deathstrike Records
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1. Bestial Mockery - Slay the God  
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2. Bestial Mockery - I Will Puke on Christ  
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3. Bestial Mockery - The Witches Song  
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4. Bestial Mockery - Annihilist  
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5. Bestial Mockery - Storm of Hate  
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6. Unholy Massacre - Intro/Endless War  
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7. Unholy Massacre - Brazilian Deathsquad Attack  
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8. Unholy Massacre - Merciless Hecatomb  
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9. Unholy Massacre - A.K.D.F  
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10. Unholy Massacre - Massive Attack  
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Unholy Massacre
Necrosadist Vocals
Nocturnal Slayer Drums
Maniac Butcher Guitars
fagBASHER Bass
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Released in 500 hand-numbered copies.

Also released by Agonia Records on 10th July 2006 but with different tracklist - without "8. Merciless Hecatomb".

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