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Beltane / Camazotz > Bloody Marion
Beltane / Camazotz - Bloody Marion
Beltane discography (misc)
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Camazotz discography (misc)
We Are Close to Our Death
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We Are Close to Our Death

Bloody Marion

Beltane / Camazotz

Release date:
February 29th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Satanica Productions
None yet
1. Camazotz - The Return   instrumental
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2. Camazotz - Bloody Marion (Kiss of a Vampire)  
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3. Camazotz - Roses on Your Bed  
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4. Beltane - My Dark Seraphim  
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5. Beltane - Voudoun  
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6. Beltane - Semetary Daze (early version)  
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7. Beltane - Life Eternal (vocal & bass cover)  
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Satanic Tony Everything
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Sweden & New Zealand meets up together on this split. All very rare and much completely unreleased material on this one, recorded back in 2004. The recording by Camazotz has never been released officially before and the tracks with Beltane is an old rehearsal recording from 23/3-04 at the Old pirate shed. The lyrics for title track written by Malin (Big Blondiee) also known from Demorian and Tragic Serenade.

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