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Belkètre > Ambre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre
Belkètre - Ambre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre
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Ambre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre


Release date:
4 reviews (avg. 88%)
1. Voarmtre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre 03:09   instrumental
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2. The Dark Promise 04:03  
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3. Demzreyavbtre Belketraya 02:06  
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4. Marbatreéèpreb 03:23  
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5. Aapr Dgyarveurtre 01:24  
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6. Brearmdreb 03:53  
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7. Damae, Dzlebaeryavtreéèpreb 03:10  
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8. Verhzleyavbtreleambreb 03:18  
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9. Eepreb, Vagezaryavtre Zuèrkl 05:10  
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10. Goebtrevoryalbe 04:01  
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11. Emvandreoatr 03:43  
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12. Twilight of the Black Holocaust 05:03  
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Aäkon Këëtrëh Guitars, Vocals
Vordb Dréagvor Uèzréèvb Guitars, Vocals, Drums
Read A violent, angry, dismal... 90% Feeble_screams December 14th, 2009
Read Raw and hateful black metal... 85% NausikaDalazBlindaz February 7th, 2007
Read A journey with no return... 86% cinedracusio May 22nd, 2006
Read Brilliant Music 90% Taliesin October 15th, 2005
The band's second demo. Was only spread to very few contacts of the band before heavily bootlegged. Any edition available commercially (as of 2014) are bootlegs.

Released on CD, with a different cover, by Tragic Empire Records in 2005. The tape shown is a bootlegged version.
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