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L'Élu du Mal


Release date:
May 10th, 2005
Catalog ID:
AMCD 006
Aura Mystique Productions
2 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. Send Me These Evil Words 06:10   Show lyrics
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2. Forgotten Nazarene 04:03   Show lyrics
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3. Medieval Deathcamps 03:21   Show lyrics
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4. The Devil and the Sorcerer 04:46   Show lyrics
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5. Impure Blood Shall Flow 07:28   Show lyrics
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6. Children of All That Is Evil 05:52   Show lyrics
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7. A Thousand Demons 06:46   Show lyrics
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8. From the Most Devastated Lands 05:58   Show lyrics
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9. L'Ere Noire... 07:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
Esthkirnir Drums
Arkdae Guitars, Keyboards
Raktivira Vocals, Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Christophe Szpajdel Logo
Esthkirnir Drums
Arkdae Guitars, Keyboards
Raktivira Vocals, Bass
Read If only all BM bands kicked... 97% mehoff_of_jackness September 26th, 2007
Read FUCKING GOOD 88% Warcrimer October 31st, 2005

CD released in 2005 by Aura Mystique, limitation unknown.(L)
GFLP released in 2005 by Aura Mystique with the bonus track L'Ere Noire... track, limited to 666 copies.(R)

Due to a problem with the pressing plant, the CD doesn't have the song "L'Ere Noire...".

It comes out in photographs: To the left side carried of the version in CD, to the right carried of the version in vinyl.

Vinyl tracklisting differs from the CDs:

1. Send Me These Evil Words
2. Forgotten Nazarene
3. Medieval Deathcamps
4. A Thousand Demons
5. From the Devastated Lands
6. Impure Blood Shall Flow (The Black Fate - Part I)
7. Children of All that Is Evil (The Black Fate - Part II)
8.The Devil and the Sorcerer
9. L'Ere Noire

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