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The Black Return of Leviathan


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Schizophrenia Productions
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Side A
1. Intro 01:39   instrumental
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2. Devastation 06:15   Show lyrics
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3. Intro: Darkest 00:42   instrumental
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4. Hadez: Kingdom Of Death Against Christ 06:22  
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5. Sabbath 03:03   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Intro: Eternity 00:20   instrumental
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7. Depraved Church 07:22  
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8. Amon 05:41   Show lyrics
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9. Outro: Invocatione 00:37   instrumental
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Band members
Barbatos Guitars
Azazel Drums, Vocals
Popeye Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Jaime Ocampo Recording
Barbatos Guitars
Azazel Drums, Vocals
Popeye Bass
Jaime Ocampo Recording
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Recorded & edited at Amadeus Studios by Jaime Ocampo.

Reissued in 2006 by Lucifthian Productions with The Powerful Essence of Lucifthian in Times of Obscurantism.

Re-released on CD (together with "El Retorno Negro de Luzbel" Rehearsal Demo Tape) by Ultra Metal Productions and Iron Goat Commando, 2014. "The Black Return of Leviathan" 20 Morbid & Insane Years (Compilation):
- Normal CD Limited to 200 copies.
- CD Goat-Shaped Limited to 100 copies.

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