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Bathory > In Memory of Quorthon Volume III
Bathory - In Memory of Quorthon Volume III
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In Memory of Quorthon Volume III


Release date:
June 3rd, 2006
Catalog ID:
BMCD 666-25
Black Mark Production
None yet
1. The Wheel of Sun 08:45   Show lyrics
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2. Apocalypse 03:49   Show lyrics
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3. Black Diamond (Kiss cover) 06:09   Show lyrics
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4. Woman of Dark Desires 04:06   Show lyrics
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5. Destroyer of Worlds 04:49   Show lyrics
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6. Sea Wolf 05:24   Show lyrics
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7. Deuce (Kiss cover) 03:42   Show lyrics
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8. The Return of Darkness and Evil 03:51   Show lyrics
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9. Day of Wrath 07:09   Show lyrics
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10. I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles cover) 02:56   Show lyrics
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11. Ode 06:23   Show lyrics
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12. Hammerheart 03:54   Show lyrics
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13. Heimfard 02:06   instrumental
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14. Outro 00:25   instrumental
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15. You Just Got to Live 05:04   Show lyrics
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16. Silverwing 05:16   Show lyrics
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17. Song to Hall Up High 02:32   Show lyrics
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Tracks 1 and 6 taken from Nordland II, 2003.
Track 2 taken from Requiem, 1994.
Track 3 taken from the A Tribute to the Creatures of the Night sampler, 2003.
Track 4 taken from Under the Sign of the Black Mark, 1987.
Tracks 5, 9 and 11 taken from Destroyer of Worlds, 2001.
Track 7 taken from Octagon, 1995.
Track 8 taken from The Return of the Darkness and Evil, 1985.
Track 10 taken from the A Black Mark Tribute II sampler, performed by Quorthon, 1998.
Track 12 taken from Twilight of the Gods, 1991.
Track 13 taken from Nordland I, 2002.
Track 15 taken from Purity of Essence, performed by Quorthon, 1997.
Tracks 16 and 17 taken from the Silverwing single, performed by Jennie Tebler, 2005.


Barcode: 4012743062524

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