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True Eastern Sodomy

Barbalans / A.B.M.S. 696

Release date:
December 1st, 2008
Catalog ID:
RDL Distro
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1. Barbalans - Iblyss the Mighty  
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2. Barbalans - Sombronoss of the Nightfall  
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3. Barbalans - Thy False Devine  
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4. Barbalans - Gemersik Bisikan Shythan  
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5. A.B.M.S. 696 - Hell, Metal, Drugs, Sexx and Beer  
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6. A.B.M.S. 696 - This Is Hell  
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7. A.B.M.S. 696 - Nostri Sathanazs  
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8. A.B.M.S. 696 - Astrumm Argentumm  
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Barbalans tracks are taken from their 'Cindaku' Rehearsal demo and 'THY SHYTAN' demo 2001 and A.B.M.S 696 presents 4 tracks of the unreleased 'OVERDOSE' demo. Limited 50 cds only!

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