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Azelsgard > Slavonic Horned Evil
Azelsgard - Slavonic Horned Evil
Azelsgard discography (demos)
Reh. 29.03.2008 A.S.
Azelsgard discography (all)
Reh. 29.03.2008 A.S.

Slavonic Horned Evil


Release date:
December 20th, 2008
Catalog ID:
T.P. 013
Version desc.:
Terror Propaganda
250 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Intro - Preludium Totalnej Wojny 00:32  
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2. Szaleństwo Martwego Spustoszenia 03:02  
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3. Wojna bez Końca 03:51  
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4. Wilczy Hak 02:28  
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5. Świątynia Pełni Księżyca 02:49  
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6. Dzień Apokalipsy 03:17  
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7. Ponury Las Jesiennej Mizantropii 03:19  
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Band members
Loki Guitars, Vocals
Raborym Guitars, Bass, Drums
Necro Guitars
Loki Guitars, Vocals
Raborym Guitars, Bass, Drums
Necro Guitars
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Fully Pro-manufactured Tape limited to 250 handnumbered copies released by Terror Propaganda & Flagellum Haereticorum. Catalog#:T.P.013.

Music & lyrics - Loki, apart from „Ponury Las Jesiennej Mizantropii” - music Necro & Raborym, vocal - Loki
Intro - Raborym
Guest vocal in „Szalenstwo Martwego Spustoszenia” - Zyklon

Released in 2012 by Breath of Pestilence on black 12” vinyl with unreleased “Luciferian Supreme Darkness” demo on side-B. Limited to 300 copies, with insert.

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