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Axxis > Best of Ballads & Acoustic Specials
Axxis - Best of Ballads & Acoustic Specials
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Best of Ballads & Acoustic Specials


Release date:
November 24th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Capitol Records
None yet
Disc 1
1. Only God Knows (Remix 2006)  
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2. Stay Don’t Leave Me   Show lyrics
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3. Waterdrop (Classic Mix 2006)  
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4. Touch the Rainbow (Long Version)  
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5. Fire and Ice (Demo Version 1988)  
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6. Brandnew World (Remix 2006  
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7. Hold You   Show lyrics
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8. Face to Face (Live  
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9. Tears of the Trees (Demo Version 1988)  
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10. Love Doesn’t Know Any Distance   Show lyrics
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11. Sarajevo   Show lyrics
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12. On My Own   Show lyrics
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13. Heaven 7th Train (Live im Presswerk 1992  
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14. Hide Away   Show lyrics
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15. World of Mystery   Show lyrics
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Disc 2
1. Living in a World (Acoustic Version 2006)  
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2. Kingdom of the Night (Acoustic Version 2006)  
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3. Little War (Acoustic Version 2006  
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4. Ships Are Sailing (Acoustic Version 2006)  
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5. Touch the Rainbow (Acoustic Version)  
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6. Heaven in Black (Acoustic Version)   Show lyrics
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7. C’est la vie (Tango Version)  
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8. Fire and Ice (Acoustic Version)   Show lyrics
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9. Another Day (Acoustic Version)  
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10. Kings Made of Steel (Acoustic Version)  
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11. Julia (Acoustic Version)  
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CD 1 contains Ballads while CD 2 features Acoustic Specials. Some material was produced by B.Weiss/H.Oellers, recorded in the SOUNDWORXX -Studio, Germany. The older tracks were produced by R.Hanekamp, JoeyBalin, Keith Olsen & Thomas Kemper at different studios.
Additionally, the second disc contains the following video tracks: 12. Touch The Rainbow (Video) and
13. Idolater (Video).

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