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Prayers of Steel


Release date:
May 1st, 1985
Catalog ID:
Wishbone Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
3 reviews (avg. 66%)
Side A
1. Battlefield 02:45   Show lyrics
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2. South Cross Union 03:37   Show lyrics
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3. Prayers of Steel 06:10   Show lyrics
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4. Halloween 03:50   Show lyrics
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5. Faster Than Hell 03:18   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Adoration 03:30   Show lyrics
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7. Rise of the Creature 05:24   Show lyrics
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8. Sword Made of Steel 05:05   Show lyrics
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9. Bloodlust 04:48   Show lyrics
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10. Assorted by Satan 04:04   Show lyrics
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The lyrics on this album were actually a contest amongst band members of who could make the most outrageous lyrics.

Re-released together with "Depraved to Black" on CD in 1995 by GUN Records as a part of the limited edition DoCD of Rage's album "Black in Mind".

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at studio Wahn, Bochum, Germany in October '84
Produced by Ferdinand Kother

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