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Dead Serious

Attitude Adjustment

Release date:
None yet
1. Electric Shock 00:48  
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2. 9-5 Religion 01:38   Show lyrics
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3. DSFA 00:20  
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4. Kristallnacht 01:52  
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5. In the Center 01:23  
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6. Bombs 01:56  
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7. Incredible End 02:30  
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8. Grey World 01:52  
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9. Dead Serious 00:52  
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10. American Paranoia 01:44  
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Band members
Andy Andersen Vocals
Chris Scaparro Guitars
Rick Strahl Bass
Chris Kontos Drums
Eric McIntrie Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Doug Piercy Recording
Doug Piercy Recording
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- Xeroxed covers which folded out revealing pictures and lyrics
- Recorded onto regular non studio tapes

- Recorded in the same studio where Exodus recorded their demo

Recorded by Doug Piercy (Heathen).
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