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School of Lust

Atomic Roar

Release date:
Final Punishment Records
None yet
1. Bangers Are Back in Hell 03:43  
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2. Chains in Your Face 02:47  
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3. Metal Mayhem 02:50  
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4. School of Lust 03:29  
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5. Atomic Whore 03:03  
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6. Play Loud 02:10  
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Recorded in 2004, but due to setbacks with the mixing, the demo's release was delayed.

In 2006, the band signed with a Dutch label called Final Punishment Records to release the demo.

Cassette Tape released by Heavy Steel Records limited to 300 handnumbered copies,
including a Rehearsal from 2003:

7. Metal Punk Onslaught
8. School of Lust
9. Hunting the Witch
10. Metal Mayhem
11. Demon Dust
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