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The Upcoming Terror


Release date:
June 3rd, 1987
Catalog ID:
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
5 reviews (avg. 83%)
Side A
1. Forbidden Reality 05:32   Show lyrics
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2. Nemesis 03:51   Show lyrics
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3. Fight (To Stop the Tyranny) 02:29   Show lyrics
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4. The Last Man 06:55   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Assassin 05:56   Show lyrics
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6. Holy Terror 04:57   Show lyrics
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7. Bullets 04:13   Show lyrics
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8. Speed of Light 02:52   instrumental
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Band members
Robert Gonnella Vocals
Jürgen "Scholli" Scholz Guitars
Dinko Vekić Guitars
Markus "Lulle" Ludwig Bass
Psycho Danger Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Kalle Trapp Producer, Mixing, Recording
Uwe Ziegler Engineering
Paul R. Alexander Cover art
Kalle Trapp Producer, Mixing, Recording
Uwe Ziegler Engineering
Paul R. Alexander Cover art
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Approximately 15,000 copies sold.

Re-released twice by AxeKiller in 1998. One version is limited to 3000 copies, while the other is not. The version that is not limited has an FGL productions logo on the back cover, the other one does not.

Re-released on double CD by Marquee Records 2006 with both demos and a liveshow as bonus.

CD 1
Assassin - Upcoming Terror (Full-length 1986)
1. Into War
2. Forbidden Reality
3. Nemesis
4. Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)
5. The Last Man
6. Assassin
7. Holy Terror
8. Bullets
9. Speed of Light

Assassin - Holy Terror (Demo, self-produced 1985)
10. The Damned (Intro) / Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)
11. Holy Terror
12. Religion
13. Bullets
14. Assassin
15. Speed of Light

CD 2
Assassin - The Saga of Nemesis (Demo, self-produced 1986)
1. Into War
2. Forbidden Reality
3. Holy Terror
4. Nemesis
5. Speed of Light

Recorded live at the Kupferdächle, (Pforzheim, Germany on May 23rd, 1987)
6. Into War
7. Forbidden Reality
8. Holy Terror
9. The Last Man
10. Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)
11. Assassin
12. Nemesis
13. Speed of Light
14. Bullets
15. Fight (To Stop the Tyranny)

Recording information:

Recorded in November 1986 at Karo Music Studios, Münster, West-Germany.


Barcode 032751700113

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