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Кровь апокалипсиса

Ashen Light

Release date:
December 29th, 2009
Catalog ID:
More Hate Productions
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1. Кровь Апокалипсиса (Blood of Apocalypse) 02:51   Show lyrics
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2. Судный День: Ад Ждёт Тебя: Ад - Часть Тебя! (Judgment Day) 02:04   Show lyrics
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3. Я Способен Поверить, Что Рассвет не Придёт... (I Can Believe That Dawn Won't Come) 01:35   Show lyrics
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4. Эмиссар Ада (Emissary of Hell) 01:47   Show lyrics
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5. Парад Святых Мучеников (Parade of Saint Martyrs) 02:51   Show lyrics
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6. Лабиринты Самопознания (Labyrinths of Self-cognition) 02:13   Show lyrics
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7. Мир Умрёт и Уходя Заберёт с Собой Всё... (The World Will Die and Take Everything with Itself) 01:55   Show lyrics
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8. Смерть во Благо! (Death for Kindness!) 01:22   Show lyrics
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9. Падшие Ангелы (Fallen Angels) 02:29   Show lyrics
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10. Умереть - Значит Жить Вечно! (To Die Means to Live Forever!) 02:01   Show lyrics
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11. Простая Мелодия Безумия (Simple Melody of Madness) 01:30   Show lyrics
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12. Мир Пустоты (World of Emptiness) 03:20   Show lyrics
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13. Кровь Апокалипсиса: Утерянная Истина (часть 1) (Blood of Apocalypse: Lost Truth (part 1)) 05:17   Show lyrics
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14. Кровь Апокалипсиса: Утерянная Истина (часть 2) (Blood of Apocalypse: Lost Truth (part 2)) 06:16  
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Alex Guitars, Keyboards
Dmitriy "Belf" Safronov Vocals, Bass
Andrew Ischenko Drums
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Name of the album - Blood of Apocalypse

Album released in the following formats:
- Limited edition digipack with clips and photos
- Standard jewelcase CD

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