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Бог мёртв: Смерть - бог!

Ashen Light

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More Hate Productions
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1. Intro 01:52  
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2. Девять грамм (Nine Grams) 02:03   Show lyrics
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3. Intro 00:57  
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4. Твой рай и твой ад (Your Heaven and Your Hell) 03:25   Show lyrics
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5. В нитях судьбы (In the Threads of Fate) 03:50   Show lyrics
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6. Intro 00:56  
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7. Без смерти жизнь потеряла бы смысл (часть 1) (Without Death, Life Would Have Lost Its Meaning (Part 1)) 04:34  
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8. Без смерти жизнь потеряла бы смысл (часть 2) (Without Death, Life Would Have Lost Its Meaning (Part 2)) 03:55  
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9. Intro 02:34  
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10. Вечность (Eternity) 02:59   Show lyrics
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11. Путь к звёздам (Path to the Stars) 03:28   Show lyrics
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12. Смерть - бог! (Death - God!) 03:56   Show lyrics
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13. Untitled 03:26  
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14. Untitled 02:12  
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Alex Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Dmitriy "Belf" Safronov Vocals
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"God is Dead: Death is God"

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