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As I Lay Dying > This Is Who We Are
As I Lay Dying - This Is Who We Are
As I Lay Dying discography (lives)
This Is Who We Are
As I Lay Dying discography (all)
< The Sound of Truth
This Is Who We Are

This Is Who We Are

As I Lay Dying

Live album
Release date:
April 14th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
None yet
1. Falling upon Deaf Ears 03:10   Show lyrics
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2. Forever 05:01   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Meaning in Tragedy 03:21   Show lyrics
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4. The Darkest Nights 04:06   Show lyrics
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5. Separation / Nothing Left 04:58   Show lyrics
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6. An Ocean Between Us 04:31   Show lyrics
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7. Within Destruction 04:11   Show lyrics
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8. Forsaken 05:17   Show lyrics
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9. Distance Is Darkness 02:44   Show lyrics
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10. I Never Wanted 04:52   Show lyrics
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11. The Sound of Truth 04:25   Show lyrics
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12. 94 Hours 02:44   Show lyrics
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13. Through Struggle 04:23   Show lyrics
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14. Confined 03:17   Show lyrics
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Tim Lambesis Vocals
Aaron Kennedy Bass
Clint Norris Bass, Vocals (clean)
Brandon Hayes Bass, Guitars
Noah Chase Bass
Tommy Garcia Bass, Guitars
Josh Gilbert Bass, Vocals (clean)
Johnny Upton Guitars
Jasun Krebs Guitars
Chad Ackerman Guitars
Evan White Guitars
Chris Lindstrom Guitars
Aries Cruz Guitars
Nick Hipa Guitars
Phil Sgrosso Guitars
Jordan Mancino Drums
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Digital live album released through iTunes.

Contains audio-only versions of most of the tracks featured on the second disc of the DVD set of the same name. The song "Reflection" that appeared on the DVD is absent and the separate tracks on the DVD "Separation" and "Nothing Left" have been spliced into one track.
Also comes with a digital booklet.

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