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Live in Kraków


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Metal Mind Productions
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1. Na Wieki Wieków 04:43  
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2. Do Zła 04:25  
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3. Ukryty Wymiar 05:48  
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4. Taniec 03:41  
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5. Morfeusz 05:01  
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6. Crazy 02:42  
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7. Prośba 05:25  
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8. Pośród Kwiatów i Cieni 05:03  
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9. A Ja 04:24  
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10. Szmaragdowa Noc 06:14  
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11. Morfeusz 05:02  
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12. Pośród Kwiatów i Cieni 04:15  
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13. Prawda 04:13  
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14. Szmaragdowa Noc 02:45  
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15. My 07:26  
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16. Ogień i Woda 02:17  
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17. Spotkanie 04:21  
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18. Interview with Artrosis 19:39   Show lyrics
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19. Photo Gallery 01:10  
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20. Art Gallery 02:13  
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21. Logo 02:13  
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Catalog number: MMP VHS 0004

Tracklisting on VHS cover contains song "Czarno-Białe Sny" between "Crazy" and "Prośba", but the track is not included on recording.

Re-released on DVD on November 9th, 2002.

The concert is available in 2.0 and 5.1 sound.

Tracks 1-10 recorded Live 27.04.2000 in Cracow, Poland
Tracks 11-13 are music videos
Tracks 14-15 recorded Live 29.07.2000 in Bolków, Poland
Tracks 16-17 recorded Live 2.08.1996 in Grodziec, Poland

Also includes Band's History, Discography, Audio Tracks: Hidden Dimention, Szmaragdowa Noc, Morpheus, Samuel, Tone of the Gloom, Photo Gallery, 4 Desktop Images, Art Gallery, Websites and Logo.

The Audio Tracks don't play as chapters, so their length is not explicit, also they cannot be ripped as audio from DVD, thus they are mentioned as bonus content, not part of the tracklist.

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