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Deadly Relics


Release date:
July 1998
Catalog ID:
Mighty Music
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1. Artilleristic Prelude MCMXCVIII 00:53  
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2. Khomaniac 06:42   Show lyrics
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3. Don't Believe 04:31   Show lyrics
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4. Out of the Sky 03:40   Show lyrics
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5. Fear of Tomorrow 03:43   Show lyrics
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6. Deeds of Darkness 06:56   Show lyrics
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7. Too Late to Regret 03:59  
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8. Deserter 05:36  
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9. Hey Woman 03:51  
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10. Time Has Come 06:08   Show lyrics
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11. All for You 04:33  
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12. Bitch 03:50   Show lyrics
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13. Blessed Are the Strong 04:37  
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Miscellaneous staff
Hellboy Producer
Flemming Rasmussen Producer
Freddie Wolf Producer
Hellboy Producer
Flemming Rasmussen Producer
Freddie Wolf Producer
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Cat. nr. PMZ002-2

There are four demos covered on this album, of Artillery's five total. The first demo, "We Are the Dead" (1982) is not represented.
Lineup and musical style varies, with a heavy Mercyful Fate influence on the first 1984 demo, complete with King Diamond-esque vocals.

Flemming Rønsdorf (2-5)
Carsten Lohmann (6-13)
Michael Stützer (2-13)
Morten Stützer (2-3)
Jørgen Sandau (4-13)
Morten Stützer (4-13)
Peter Thorslund (2-3)
Carsten Nielsen 2-13

Track 1 recorded May 1998 at Ossisounds.
Vocals by Sch. Merz.
Produced by Hellboy.

Tracks 2-3 taken from the 1989 promotape.
Recorded at Sweet Silence Studio, February 1989.
Produced by Flemming Rasmussen & Artillery.

Tracks 4-5 taken from the Fear Of Tomorrow demo.
Recorded at Elsound Studio, January 1985.
Produced by Freddie Wolf & Artillery.
(Five more demo tracks do not appear here)

Tracks 6-9 taken from the Deeds Of Darkness demo.
Recorded at Ole Erlings Lydstudio, October 1984.
Produced by Artillery.

Tracks 10-13 taken from the Shellshock demo.
Recorded at Ole Erlings Lydstudio, July 1984.
Produced by Artillery.

Re-released in a digipack in 2000 by Mighty Music (PMZX002).

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