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Omne Ensis Impera


Release date:
March 31st, 2008
Catalog ID:
Equilibrium Music
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1. Omne Ensis Impera 02:44  
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2. Der Angriff geht weiter 04:22  
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3. Decisive War 05:11  
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4. Perserverance Is All 05:41  
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5. Profound Truths 05:25  
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6. Sons of God 05:39  
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7. Onwards! 04:52  
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8. Cladem Nescimus 05:00  
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9. Endkampf 05:50  
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Mårten Björkman All instruments
Henry Möller All instruments
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Released as Digipack-CD
Nordvargr of Mz.412 and Toroidh, contributes with additional arrangements on a couple of tracks, and prepared a slightly modified track list, featured on the vinyl version and the limited edition box set.

Track 1 is Latin for "every sword reigns". The ensis was a long sword used by the Roman cavalry, but the term was also used in order to broadly indicate a sword or even weapons as a whole.
Track 2 is German for "the attack goes on".
Track 8 is Latin for "we do not know defeat".
Track 9 is German for "final battle".

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