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Conclamatum Est

Antiquus Scriptum

Release date:
July 2010
Catalog ID:
Talheim Records
500 copies
1 review (avg. 98%)
1. The Second Punic War, CCXVIII B. C. - Prologus 02:34   Show lyrics
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2. A Hecatombe of Slaves 11:38   Show lyrics
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3. The Eldest Son: Interludium I 01:31  
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4. Remember Me as King 15:30   Show lyrics
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5. A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan: Interludium II 03:34  
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6. Den Nordiske Sjel Lever I Meg 08:39  
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7. Eu, O Misantropo... 11:54   Show lyrics
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8. Anmchara - Uma Alma Amiga: Interludium III 02:06  
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9. Horned Cast - Epilogus 01:08  
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10. Manitou (Venom cover) 02:58   Show lyrics
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11. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover) 04:32   Show lyrics
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12. Skeletons of Society (Slayer cover) 05:09   Show lyrics
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13. Futuro Nuclear (Psycoma cover) 00:33   Show lyrics
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14. Sententious Despicable (The Invertebrate cover) 00:16   Show lyrics
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15. Philosophy of Negativity (Mordaça cover) 03:34   Show lyrics
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16. Prelude (Manowar cover) 01:08  
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Band members
Sacerdos Magus Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Guitars (acoustic), Keyboards
Gustavo Vieira Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Paulo "Nyx Sludgedweller" Vieira Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Ricardo "R. V." Vieira Keyboards, Programming, Samples
Zeto Feijão Traditional Tin Whistle, Uilleann Pipe
The Beyonder Vocals (additional)
Sacerdos Magus Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Guitars (acoustic), Keyboards
Gustavo Vieira Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Paulo "Nyx Sludgedweller" Vieira Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Ricardo "R. V." Vieira Keyboards, Programming, Samples
Zeto Feijão Traditional Tin Whistle, Uilleann Pipe
The Beyonder Vocals (additional)
Read Something wickedly original! 98% raveneyeslikemirrors October 24th, 2012

Sacerdos Magus - Vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and some keystrokes in "A Hecatombe Of Slaves" & "Remember Me As King".

Guest Musicians:
Gustavo "Helskir" Vieira - Keyboards.
Paulo "Nyx Sludgedweller" Vieira - Recording and mix, lead guitar in "A Hecatombe Of Slaves", "Den Nordiske Sjel Lever I Meg", "Dethroned Emperor", "Skeletons Of Society" & "Phylosophy Of Negativity". 2nd acoustic guitar in "A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan: Interludium II", 2nd vocals & drums in "Skeletons Of Society" & drums in "Prelude".
Ricardo "R. V." Vieira - Epic chorus samples, including all the orchestration in the final of "Eu, O Misantropo...".
Zeto Feijão - Traditional tin whistle and uilleann pipe in "A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan: Interludium II".
Simão "Beyonder" Santos - 2nd vocals in "Dethroned Emperor".
Chorus - Sacerdos Magus, Paulo Vieira, Gustavo Vieira and Ricardo Vieira.

Released without authorization in 2010 by Satanica Productions from New Zealand in slim case Pro CDr format. This version released by Satanica Productions is considred a bootleg and gets sold without the permission of the band.

Released by Talheim Records from Austria in Pro CD, limited to 500 copies, in mid 2013.

Re-released in late 2014 in the wooden box-set of 6 Pro Tapes, by Fallen-Angels Productions from South Korea limited (1st press) to 25 boxes.

The cover is a paint of the middle ages and represents the "Battle Of Aljubarrota" in 1385 between Portugal & Spain, where the Lusitanian troops, a small army formed mostly of farmers and peasants won to the Iberian army with hundreds of men.

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Bel).

This album is divided in two parts or chapters, "Caput I - Tristitia, Absentia, Molestia" (Chapter I - Sadness, Absence, Suffering), that is from the track 1 to 9 - the part of the original themes and "Caput II - Tributum (Chapter II - Tribute)", track 10 to 16 - the part of the cover songs.

The intro "The Second Punic War, CCXVIII B. C. Prologus" & "A Hecatombe Of Slaves" are based in a true story of a brawl between Romans & Carthaginians, that started in CCXVIII B. C. as the first track indicates. This struggle lasted a few years and was called The Second Punic War. In the end the Carthage people, surrounded by thousands of Roman legions committed mass suicide, that's why the second theme's called "A Hecatombe Of Slaves".

"A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan: Interludium II" is based on a Lusitanian legend that says why the city of Almada was called like this. A forbidden love between a Lusitanian girl and a Moorish soldier in times of the Moorish occupation, is the cause of that. The Moors started calling the place "Land Of The Beloved", that in Moorish language is "Al-Mahadan"; "A Moçoila De Al-Mahadan" means: "The Maid From Almada".

"Anmachara" is Celtic language and means "A Friendly Soul". Was in this terms that the Celts saw the dead in the night of Samhain (night of worship of the dead) the actual Halloween.

In the end of "Eu, O Misantropo..." can be heard a version of the Portuguese National Anthem; the original version has music of Alfredo Keil and lyrics of Henrique Lopes de Mendonça, written in 1890 and entitled "A Portuguesa".
Note: Antiquus Scriptum is NOT (!) a Nazi or a NS band! Sacerdos Magus used this idea with a sense of patriotism, but not related with any xenophobic ideals.

"Horned Cast" has the name of the Mexican radio show that presented a interview with Antiquus Scriptum; the assembly of the musical parts and the vocals are from its creator and presenter Azael (Mex).

The theme "Futuro Nuclear" was written by Sacerdos Magus for the Lusitanian punk / hardcore project Psycoma in 1994, "Sententious Despicable" for the Lusitanian grindcore project The Invertebrate in 1994 and "Phylosophy Of Negativity" for the Lusitanian Crossover project Mordaça in 1998.

English translations:
"Conclamatum Est" is latin for "It Is Consummate".

5 - The Maid From Almada: Interlude II
6 - The Northern Spirit Lives In Me
7 - I, The Misanthrope…
8 - A Friendly Soul: Interlude III

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