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Watchers' Reign


Release date:
December 7th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Invictus Productions
2 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Serpent of Thy Grail 04:56  
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2. Acid Eden 04:38  
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3. Desert Succubus 04:08  
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4. The Pit of Bones 03:41  
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5. Circle in the Sand 07:13  
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6. Precambrian Ziggurat 08:04  
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7. The Serpentine Double Helix 07:28  
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8. Came Total Destruction 03:20  
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9. Nephilim Abomination 02:51  
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10. Tears of Sodom 03:46  
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Miscellaneous staff
Haasiophis Artwork, Layout
Haasiophis Artwork, Layout
Read Recommended and very... 80% Heffer November 21st, 2011
Read Watchers' Reign 85% todesengel89 May 2nd, 2011

This includes all material prior to the Under Wing of Asael demo.

Tracks 1-5: Taken from the Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism demo.
Tracks 6-7: Taken from the Serpent's Malignancy split with Nuclearhammer.
Tracks 8-10: Taken from the Prehistorik Khaos demo.

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