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Tormenting Pale Flesh of the Syphilic Holy Whore

Anima Damnata

Release date:
December 2005
Catalog ID:
MMR 003 CD
Morbid Moon Records
None yet
1. 1> W Obrzydliwości i Bluźnierstwie Oddajemy się Rozkoszy: Part I - Sanctimissimi Corporis Satanas 00:36  
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2. Part II - Ciasna Pizda Maryji (Tight Cunt of Holy Mother) 03:46   Show lyrics
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3. Part III - Sraj na Grób (Shit on a Grave) 04:08   Show lyrics
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4. 2> Death to Christianity: Part I - Scorn 03:25   Show lyrics
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5. Part II - Sanctus Satanas 03:22   Show lyrics
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Recorded at Radioaktywni Studio in August 2004.
Mixed and mastered by Einar & Necrolucas at Einar Home Studio.
All music and lyrics by Anima Damnata.

Contains also 7 video live tracks.

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