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Gods of Abhorrence

Throneum / Anima Damnata

Release date:
November 2002
Catalog ID:
MOON 033
Pagan Records
666 copies
None yet
1. Anima Damnata - Black Communion of Abhorrent Gods of Universe 01:59  
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2. Anima Damnata - Victimize Yourself 02:24   Show lyrics
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3. Anima Damnata - Defile the Cross 02:49   Show lyrics
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4. Anima Damnata - To Jesus Christ and All of His Servants 01:48   Show lyrics
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5. Anima Damnata - Sadistic Rape 03:30   Show lyrics
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6. Anima Damnata - Feast in the Blood 01:59   Show lyrics
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7. Anima Damnata - Shadow of Dispair 03:38   Show lyrics
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8. Anima Damnata - Anima Damnata 03:35   Show lyrics
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9. Anima Damnata - The Grand Coronation of Apocalyptic Pain 01:02  
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10. Anima Damnata - The Gate of Nanna (Beherit cover) 04:38   Show lyrics
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11. Throneum - Morbid Death Terror 02:35  
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12. Throneum - Black Leather Whore Fucks 02:01  
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13. Throneum - Tomb's Call 03:18  
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14. Throneum - Ritual Asphyxia 02:27  
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15. Throneum - War and Sodomy 02:57  
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16. Throneum - Infernal Tanks Attack 03:16  
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17. Throneum - Lunatic of God's Creation (Deicide cover) 02:10   Show lyrics
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18. Throneum - Reborn in Gehenna (outro) 02:27  
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Limited to 666 copies.
Tape version limited to 333 copies.

Recording information:

Anima Damnata:
All music and lyrics by Anima Damnata, except The Gate of Nanna" by Beherit.
Recorded and mixed at Sonic Vibe Studio, October 2001.

All music and lyrics by Throneum, except "Lunatic of God's Creation" by Deicide.
Recorded in July 2002 at Art Studio Oho.
Engineered by Adam Pyrek.
Produced by Throneum.

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