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Freedom Call


Release date:
December 1996
Rising Sun Productions
1 review (avg. 71%)
1. Freedom Call 05:06   Show lyrics
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2. Queen of the Night (re-recorded) 04:43   Show lyrics
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3. Reaching Horizons (re-recorded) 05:11   Show lyrics
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4. Stand Away (orchestral version) 04:38   Show lyrics
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5. Painkiller (Judas Priest cover) 06:06   Show lyrics
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6. Deep Blue (edited version) 03:57   Show lyrics
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7. Angels Cry * 09:55   Show lyrics
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8. Never Understand * 06:23   Show lyrics
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Read A fairly flawed afterthought. 71% hells_unicorn July 15th, 2007
* Brazilian Bonus Tracks - acoustic live at FNAC, France

Track # 1 is previously unreleased.

Century media re-released the "Freedom Call" EP with an additional bonus track.

the century media version contains these 3 bonus tracks, all live acoustic recordings from FNAC, France
7. Angels Cry
8. Chega de Saudade
9. Never Understand
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