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Release date:
Det Germanske Folket
2 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Et varsel om død 08:06   Show lyrics
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2. Thulens ord 08:17   Show lyrics
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3. Baghold 08:51   Show lyrics
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4. Tågefolket 11:29   Show lyrics
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5. Danermordet 07:42   Show lyrics
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6. Fødslen og byttet 09:52   Show lyrics
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7. Blod for blod, liv for liv 17:13   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ynleborgaz All instruments, Vocals
Anja Lillemæhlum Cello
Ynleborgaz All instruments, Vocals
Read Dreams of a shore just out... 80% autothrall November 23rd, 2009
Read Angantyr - Hævn 99% Avestriel April 15th, 2009
Album title: Revenge
1: An Omen of Death
2: Words of Thule
3: Ambush
4: The Fog People
5: The Dane Murder
6: Birth and Prey
7: Blood for Blood, Lives for Lives

Re-released in 2010 by Northern Silence Productions with new, improved artwork. Available in Digipack (ltd. 1000) and jewel case.
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