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Ancient Ceremony > Where Serpents Reign
Ancient Ceremony - Where Serpents Reign
Ancient Ceremony discography (all)
Cemetary Visions

Where Serpents Reign

Ancient Ceremony

Release date:
February 1993
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Journey Through the Gates 00:58   Show lyrics
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2. Where Serpents Reign 04:09   Show lyrics
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3. Kissing the Goat 03:22  
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Side B
4. Consumed by Despair 01:51   instrumental
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5. Poem of Blasphemy 03:50  
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6. Moonlight Ceremonies 04:18   Show lyrics
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7. Eternal Salvation (Outro) 03:51  
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Chris Anderle Vocals
F.J. Krebs Guitars (lead)
Christoph Mertes Drums
Dirk Wirz Guitars (rhythm)
Frank Simon Bass
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All songs by F.F. Krebs.
All lyrics by Chris Anderle.
Arrangements by Ancient Ceremony.
No vocal effects on this tape except "Eternal Salvation."

Recording information:

Recorded in February 1993.

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