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Necromantic Rituals


Release date:
March 2003
Catalog ID:
Barbarian Wrath
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1. Intro 00:28  
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2. Worship of Death 03:28   Show lyrics
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3. Into the Dark 03:44   Show lyrics
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4. Vomit of the Earth 05:05   Show lyrics
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5. Possessed by the Ancient... 05:31   Show lyrics
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6. Father of the Doom 06:06   Show lyrics
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7. Vigour 03:29   Show lyrics
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8. Necromantic Rituals 03:32   Show lyrics
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9. Bestial Opera 01:29  
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10. The Poisoned Kiss 03:07   Show lyrics
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11. Last Salutation 04:49   Show lyrics
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Read Morbid darkness made sound 85% chaossphere November 27th, 2003

Recorded and mixed at "Rape of Harmonies" December 2002.
Engineered and mastered at "Temple of Disharmony" January 2003.

Limited to 666 copies.
A self-released Promo-CDr with different cover exists.

12" LP released by Iron Tyrant, limited to 500 copies. First 100 come on clear vinyl. Of these, first 50 come in heavy cotton sleeve with band logo.

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