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The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter

Amon Amarth

Release date:
2 reviews (avg. 78%)
1. Burning Creation 04:48   Show lyrics
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2. The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter 04:38   Show lyrics
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3. Without Fear 04:42   Show lyrics
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Read A good indication 75% chrisdoig24k September 24th, 2007
Read The Norse Alternative. 80% hells_unicorn April 26th, 2007
Limited to 1000 copies.
This demo was released on 3 different colour tapes:
-Red Tape: first press ("Scum Records", Old Amon Amarth logo), left on the picture
-Green Tape: second press ("Fimbul Records", New Amon Amarth logo), right on the picture
-Blue Tape: last press ("Fimbul Records", Old Amon Amarth logo), left on the picture

- Xeroxed covers

Scum and Fimbul Records aren't real labels but just label names invented by the band for the release of the demo.

The whole demo was re-mastered and re-released on the 2-CD "Viking Edition" of the 'Versus The World' album.

All tracks on this demo were re-recorded:
'Burning Creation' and 'The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter' where re-recoded for the 'Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds' EP.
'Without Fear' was re-recorded for the 'Once Sent From the Golden Hall' album.

"Without Fear" was included in Journey Through the Dreamland compilation tape (Counter Attack Productions, C.A. 003).
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