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Amaranthine Lament > Demo MMXII
Amaranthine Lament - Demo MMXII
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Amaranthine Lament

Release date:
December 10th, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Forest at Night 04:18   instrumental
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2. Ageless Winter 07:12   instrumental
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3. Through Blizzards and White Wastelands 05:46   instrumental
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4. A Triptych 06:18   instrumental
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5. Time No Longer Exists 10:07   instrumental
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6. Graves 04:17   instrumental
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7. Shrouded in Eternal Frost 11:17   instrumental
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M. James All instruments
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Released independently on CD-R. Initial print run of 10 copies.

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and produced in Dover, Kent, U.K. between August 2008 and November 2012 by M. James.

Tracks 3 and 7 originally appeared on "Faceless Shadows" demo. Tracks 1 and 6 are completely new recordings.
Track 3 is remixed for this release and track 7 is remastered for this release from a lossless source (the master on "Faceless Shadows" was taken from a 128kbps MP3 as the original source was thought to have been deleted.)

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