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Behind Silence and Solitude

All That Remains

Release date:
March 26th, 2002
Catalog ID:
3984, 14420-2
Version desc.:
Prosthetic Records
3 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. Behind Silence and Solitude 04:19   Show lyrics
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2. From These Wounds... 04:36   Show lyrics
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3. Follow 04:03   Show lyrics
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4. Clarity 05:37   Show lyrics
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5. Erase 06:15   Show lyrics
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6. Shading 03:51   Show lyrics
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7. Home to Me 06:47   Show lyrics
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8. One Belief 04:30   Show lyrics
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Band members
Philip Labonte Vocals
Chris Bartlett Guitars
Oli Herbert Guitars
Dan Egan Bass
Michael Bartlett Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Adam Dutkiewicz Producer
Zeuss B. Held Producer
Adam Dutkiewicz Producer
Zeuss B. Held Producer
Read A Phenomenal Debut Album 96% RideForVengeance July 12th, 2014
Read A very rare and solid debut 91% burningsynthetic February 27th, 2007
Read A rarity, a solid debut album. 89% Soulless_Fox September 29th, 2006

Recording information:

Recorded January-February 2000.


Barcode: 0398414420-21

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